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Dying Wish

My dying wish is maybe you’ll remember

What we are

Maybe you will see that you were made for me

I don’t know about you but I know about me

And me hasn’t been the same without you

My laugh has change

My walk

My smile

My talk hasn’t been the same

I even wrote different when I was with you

It makes me wonder if you’ve change too

How could something so magical

Be over for good

Somewhere in my heart

I pray that you will find this and know I’m talking about you

Maybe just maybe

You may make my dream come true

Until then I live a life

That’s sad and blue

Grant me this wish before

It’s too late

Never too soon

I’m here waiting

Waiting for the sun to collide with the moon

Far apart they don’t shine

As bright as they could

I love you

And still think of you

My dying wish is that you love me too

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