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Bye Bye Bitch

Maybe I’m tripping

I thought you wanted to make a killing

Had me on standby with the oozie

Thought you was In the kitchen frying chicken

What happened to forever

What about them plans to have some children

You really gonna throw this love away

Alright don’t come looking for me in the ending

If this what you want, be prepared to be the villian

You lied and I ain’t even mad at Cha

You fell in another bitch pussy and came out with no hat dawg

That’s means you headless, goodluck

On getting bread bitch

Thought you was the man but now I can tell you was just a thot chick

Like I said I let it go, shit focused on the money

Like aiming down the sights to kill your hoe, trick

I’m just joking you hardly worth the bullet I’d have to load in

You came, I left, you wanted more, I stayed,

Just so you could try to play me like you was already getting played

Then you ran so motherfucking far away

Cuz you know when I catch you, your ass ain’t gonna have shit to say

So we’ll play but I’m staring at your face and now you wishing this was a game

So you could hit reset and forget you messed with me cuz you know I’m the best You ever had

Falling apart, running from the truth, I’m dying laughing at you

You thought you had me but I always had you

I got you running trains on a bitch choo choo

All just to forget my name boo hoo

Next time you come for me remember I carry that 9 2!

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