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Fighting Words

I suggest you muzzle your bitch
Before I flip the switch
And show y’all who you really dealing

This was my plan
Give some helpless trick
My man
She better understand that I can
Pull the rug on her fragile small world

Disrespecting your elders
Shows how sorry you truly are
I’m not one for many words
When I’m better at leaving scars

Ask the man that I gave to you
How far is really far
He seen the monsters standing next to me
So lose the ego hoe

I’m not afraid of a female who can’t
Even hide her desperation
You needed him so bad you was willing to
Leave a trail of bodies

I don’t respect a woman that relies on men for everything
I’m more for sisterhood giving my woman
Power because we already know what men can do
You believe in the worst part of yourself so much you got it hanging out in the open

Except he prefers the woman that I am
You must really know this
That’s why you hold him so close

But I’m good, keep playing games
I’m forgiving you, letting you go,
Because what matters to me more than anyone, is my soul

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