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Answer Me

Here I sit, trying to come up with another spell

One that will put you under mine

When will I come to terms with my crystal clear obsession

I’m having a hard time focusing on anything else

It’s exhausting, being this in love

I honestly just want an answer to the question in the back of my mind

Is this a sure thing or not?

So what is it darling?

Am I free or am I not?

I know a part of you will never tell, I just hope you aren’t satisfied with me in hell

Constantly replaying our ups and downs in my memories

What does it all mean?

because the highs were so high and the lows were some of the lowest in my entire life

I fight insanity, but crave it at the same time

Best believe I’m broken

And I’d love to say it took two but I’m more certain it was either me or you

so it took me three years to see that, we’re either better together or fully apart

No ties

No regrets

Just erase me and I’ll erase you

But seeing as I don’t know my answer

I’ve painfully asked you to fill in the blank for us both


Answer me!

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