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Love Language

Just a whisper

A silent melody

My heart flutters at the sight of you

It’s sad that it took me longer than fate

to see what has been gifted to us


In it’s purest form

You touch me

I melt like butter outside during May

In Florida

The same place I found you

Or you found me

Either way, fate

Finding heaven on Earth is dangerous

Cuz we run the risk of somebody

Trying their best to destroy it

When I fantasize I picture your face

But more specific are your eyes

I see my soul trapped in them

It no longer frightens me

I’m more intrigued

How did you manage to get so much

Of me

I hope that I carry some part of you too

I feel it inside my being that we have

A hidden language

Deep within your desires

Your wishes

Your dreams

I am there

Like a whisper

A silent melody

Singing I love you


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