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Love Hate or Hate Love!

Y’all think I’m stupid y’all think I can’t see
The way this family tried to control me
I went to the army cuz he did
I almost got married and had 3 kids
Y’all been fucking it up, lying to us

Telling me you love me, that’s a crime you know because the moment it mattered the most y’all picked up the phone and dialed 5-0,

rolling the dice on my life, we all know most of these cops ain’t right, but it’s okay, it’s alright,

You only had you in mind!
Too scared to face me, cuz you cant change mine, no one else closed the door except you, this time!

so when we at the BBQ don’t hand me no plate,
I no longer want to eat what you make
If this what family means Id rather get cake
This world is too fake
Love is nothing but a word next to hate

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