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Rambles of a Silly Woman

I’m letting go

Maybe, I don’t know

But I have results to show

For all my hard work

I wish I just knew how

How to keep it going

I fall sometimes

And feel better on the ground

I don’t wanna live there

I deserve better

But life seemed so much easier

When I was twenty

Now I’m thirty

And the workouts

Seem so much harder

I mean the wants seem

So much farther

Either way I keep trying

Don’t I get something for that

I guess not

Progress is like a dictionary

More words are added all the time

Just like the tasks in my life

But the only other option

Is to die

So that doesn’t give me a choice

I’m way better at making it

Than I am faking it

So I’m gonna fight

Until I get the sight

And then maybe

Just maybe

My life will go right

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