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My Soul Partner

My soul partner

They won’t wait for me

They will take me as I am

They will build me as I build them

My soul partner

Is sweet as ice cream

Always buying me gifts

And holding my hand

And when I need it most

Motivates me to never give up

My soul partner

Works hard but manages

To have time for me

Understanding that we work

As a team to complete goals

Never do either of us stand alone

My soul partner

Will never let me go

I will try because it’s my nature

But if we can fix it

They will do nothing less than

My soul partner

Will fight with me

This is inevitable

But if we must fight

It’s to find a solution

My soul partner

Will never let me believe

That they don’t love me

Every doubt in my mind

Will be soothe by their

Reassuring behavior

My soul partner

Is near

I feel it

And I know I’m everything

They are looking for

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