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If You’re So Perfect

If you’re so perfect

Why do you hide behind

Your computer screen

See I know the type of man you are

The one who keeps a woman

On the line

All because he’s scared to face himself

You are a coward

But you swear you’re perfect

If you’re so perfect

Then why don’t you say my name

Because I know it’s me you want

You aren’t even man enough

You resort to silly games

If you’re so perfect

Why not come to me

You acting shy

Or scared

But you know I’m not waiting

I’m eventually gonna move on

From you

So if you’re so perfect

Why do you make so many

Mistakes yourself

And instead of just admitting it

You rather point out someone else

I see now

You’re not perfect

But I never wanted you to be



You were always

Perfect for me

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