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Two Many Chiefs

I understand that you

Think you know what’s best for me

But I’m not a follower

I’m a leader in my own way

If I must follow anybody

I follow my heart

So don’t come around telling me

What to do or say

I may hear you

Even understand you

But in the end I’m doing me

I got my goals to reach

You can come along

But don’t try to control the ride

My spirit and the universe

Are controlling this train

I’m just enjoying the sites

Ego wants to tell me otherwise

But I told ego to mute it for a while

Now don’t go telling me what to do

You’re not the boss of me

You’re the boss of you

So focus on your little voice inside

Before it’s gone

Look out for the signs

They will surely come

And maybe you will find your peace

In the present moment

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