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Love You to Death

So who is to blame

For this silly game

I simply check in

Just to make sure you ain’t dead yet

Because I feel like since you left me

You been facing your death bed

See I was the best thing you let go of

Now I passed it to him

And he won’t let go love

Because I know I tried

But the games you played

And the lies you lied

I’m somewhat cheery

Since you left I learned to live without you

All on my own

But moving on was still hard

you will give me life

When you no longer live on

No more burden

I closed the door on you now

Pulled down the curtain

So I know that death is calling your name

My final ace

The very last game

See you thought letting me go

You’d have the upper hand

But I knew all along

That as long as my heart still sung your song

You’d be safe from harm

Well now love that flame is blown out

You’ve lost my love without a doubt

So if I were you

I’d scream

I’d shout

Do something to get yourself out

Misery is one draining bitch

Trust me I know

I used to feel that itch

But this is karma

What goes up must come down

It’s your turn to feel the frown

Maybe next time you will heed my warning

Don’t mess with the female

Who loved you wholly

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