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If You Really Loved Me…

If you really loved me

You’d come out of hiding

You know show your face

Maybe give me a call

It’s like you don’t know me at all

You know I love the attention

The subtle “I miss you text”

You know the ones you don’t say

That way but I know what you mean

If you really loved me

You’d truly give a fuck

Possibly not lie about your past mistakes

Find it easy to make my day

Buy me gifts or make me some

Wish me happy birthday

On every day it comes

If you really loved me

You would make a hell of an effort

Even if I said no

You’d find a way to make me say yes

And I mean that in the way

You wouldn’t let me go

If you really loved me

Maybe, just maybe you leave her alone

You wouldn’t make me cry so much

You wouldn’t make me mad at you

You’d allow me to call your phone

If you really loved me

You would fight for me

You come out on top when

I compare you to someone else

Not too many cons as pros

I would say I love you then

But if you really loved me

Like you said you did

You wouldn’t be this far away

Why must I only see you in my dream

You’re selfish and mean

If you truly loved me

You wouldn’t have broken my heart this way

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