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The Girl of Fire

There once was a girl I knew

Flames so wild and true

She spit hot lava

She was a comet

Fires burned bright red and soft blue

She was a marvelous star

Her light was like captivating hues

That was all until she met you

She no longer knows how to walk into a room

Her smile is faded

Her head is constantly spewing out doom

She cowers at the air that you display

See you are her weakness

Night and day

She constantly dreams of running away

But you hold her hostage

Too afraid to be alone

You put her in bondage

With you she can’t go home

Her flame is no more

Poor little soul

Someday she will go cold

And then you will reap what you sow

I’m sure this will be the day

That you will finally give me a call

Until then I pray the fire girl

Gives you hell!!!!!

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