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More Than…

Fire burning but held captive
One galance could make you melt
But we looked
And instantly we become a puddle

Collapsing, clothes in the air
Skin, smooth, moist but warm
Fever higher than 101
But we didn’t go to school for this

Both learning each other slowly
Then swiftly
At a pace like the ocean
You swim further into me

Pleasure coming to a point of no return
That’s when you say it!
You tell me the line I’ve been waiting to hear
You love it!
We both did

It was magic, unlike the rest
Something happened
We both confessed
This was more
This was more
Something I’ve had but nothing like before

This was more
And We both believed
So did the magic end
Or was it always make believe

No, couldn’t be
The way my waves shook your palm tree
This was something that you couldn’t
Possibly repeat

We knew this so what could we do
Things got out of hand
Both of us addicted to us too!

And where do you get a cure for something more?
Cuz we were sure
This was something more
But where do you go for the cure?

We eventually said our goodbyes
But did it stop anything
Are you healed yet?

I’m gonna bet
we’re both still yearning for
something more!
Something more!

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