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One day he will come….

There is a day
That I will be chosen
For a job much more

I know his name and
His smile
I know how much he’ll
Depend on me
To be there even when
I don’t want to be

I’ve been asked by this
Higher voice
To bring into the world
The next big joy

I’m unafraid and I just can’t
To look upon the face of
My young king

“How come you’ve chosen me?”
“Certainly I wasn’t more special
Than the next”

“But you are the best”
The voice replies
In contest

I’m grateful and I do accept
To bring him forth into
The world

My son, my angel
My Holy Spirit
You will be the light of my life
And I will be sure
That this life is right

I still have some work to do
But soon I’ll grant my eyes on
You and
I’ll be happy I waited so long
To bringing you along!
Can you hear the song
Angels rejoice
“For our king has come”

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