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Seeing Red!

She was just an innocent alone in the woods,
then out popped a beast, saying let me check your goods,

She huffed and she puffed while the wolf blew her down, now all miss Red Riding Hood carries is a frown, trying desperately to turn it all around!

That beast headed to her Grandma’s house thought he could get some oatmeal cookies now, grandma being old couldn’t keep up, no how,

So the wolf just ate her whole, licking every finger after he was done, or so I had been told!

Red Riding Hood was fooled again, the beast wore a wig with curly ends, are y’all catching on to the story my friends?

This is the part where the story ends, in his attempt to try to catch her ass again, little Red Riding Hood calls on her own beast instead! Cutting off the bastard wolf’s head! Mounting it to the wall of his den, to remind everyone don’t ever fuck with his Red!!!!

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