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Lost Boys/Girls

We failed ourselves, the little me and the little you, the one you knew back in preschool!

You didn’t ask to hate, you never wanted to make someone cry, you never wanted to take someone else’s rights away, you never wanted to kill a living thing!

If the child versions of us could see us all now, would they be proud?

I cry for them, I bawl, because it’s because of those kids that our country falls, it’s because they weren’t loved enough, it’s because someone else thought they needed to be more tough, it’s because years of abuse kept getting passed down and down!

When will someone turn this life around, we are strong, we hold the weight but still I see the future repeat because more kids today, are told be tough, be strong!

Following the same patterns, molds that make the world grow cold, why create a massive hate, couldn’t love be a better way?

I just kneel and pray, that maybe one day I will see the world I had always dreamed I’d see!

Until then will someone wake me up from the nightmare I keep falling in, I can feel it’s trying to transform me within, wanting me to spread more of it’s dirt and grim!

Lost soul or maybe I’m still climbing even when they try to blind me, which is why I appear out sometimes, meaning my hope will never die!

As long as I still have that little me, maybe this world will become what it’s supposed to be!

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