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Goodbye 104

I feel like I’ve said goodbye one hundred and four times

Well here comes time 105

Bye to the man I thought was my one

When in fact you were never that

Bye to a friend that never had my back

Bye to the crybaby who couldn’t handle a small setback

Instead of sticking around you jump ship

Like a captain with zero commandment

Bye to the guy who shouldn’t bother to introduce his kids to anyone when clearly he’s so far from knowing what he wants

you look unhappy in your newest relationship right now

Who knows how much longer that will last before your kids have to try to forget another name

Bye to the nights I cried over you

When clearly you made it less worth it to cry even a year or two

But I have to appreciate the time spent wanting to be with you

Because all that time I spent fantasizing about a completely new version of you

One that you couldn’t possibly become but I knew someone else will

So it bye to you and hello to the future with loving myself

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